About Us

My first memory of shopping for clothes was with my family. We had gone Christmas shopping, I must have been around 7 years old. As mommy was shopping with my siblings (there were 5 of us) daddy took me to look for a winter coat. I found two that I liked.  I tried both of them on and couldn’t decide which I liked best. One was comfortable and lightweight but the other was beautiful. I went back and forth trying to decide.  Guess what? Christmas morning I opened both!

Daddy loved neutral colors like tan and brown tones on my mommy, older sister and me. He said it matched our dark hair and eyes. Most fabric patterns were simple, classic, and timeless. Everything was modest that’s for sure. To this day I  think of these things when I’m shopping for myself and it reflects my style and choices as a buyer.

After retiring from teaching, I started making tee shirts with monograms and phrases as a hobby in my garage. Daddy had often spoke in sayings and taught many lessons through them. As I grew into adulthood these lessons became part of who I am.

This hobby led to what is now Bud and Bloom Boutique. Overtime, we have moved our business from our garage to a store front and now added a website to better accommodate our customers.   We offer personalization through embroidery and other decorating techniques. We sell popular boutique brands in a variety of styles.

Bud and Bloom is named in memory of my daddy “Bud.”   The blooms are me and my family and together we represent a big bouquet of love. I can’t close without mentioning my mommy.  Daddy sure knew how to pick’em. She is kind, calm, selfless and always the same. She is truly an example of a virtuous woman. She has been a Christian light throughout my life and I am thankful to be one of their blooms.